Electrical Socket

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Outlet might describe:

4Electrical ports
5Other usages
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Auto mechanics
Socket wrench, a sort of wrench that utilizes separate, removable sockets to fit different dimensions of nuts as well as bolts
Outlet head screw, a screw (or bolt) with a round head containing a socket into which the hexagonal ends of an Allen wrench will fit
Outlet termination, a termination utilized at the ends of cord rope
Outlet, the receptacle into which a tapered tool is inserted
Outlet, an opening in any installation that matches the outdoors diameter of a pipe or tube
Eye socket, an area in the skull where the eyes are positioned
Tooth outlet, a tooth cavity having a tooth, in those bones that bear teeth
Dry socket, an unpleasant opening as an outcome of the blood not clotting after a tooth is pulled
Ball as well as socket joint

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12/24V Cigarette Power Socket + USB Charger Power Adapter with 2 Screw

£22.79 £18.38
Description :   12/24V Cigarette Power Socket + USB Charger Power Adapter with 2 Screw​2 pole protected terminal connections.Short circuit

12/24V Water Resistant SurfacE-mount Dual Cigarette Power Socket

£19.34 £15.60
Description :   12/24V Water Resistant Surface Mount Dual Cigarette Power Socket 2 pole protected terminal connections.Short circuit / overheat