Maintenance Fixture

Maintenance Fixture


Fixture (devices).

A typical type of fixture, utilized in materials tensile screening.
A fixture is a work-holding or support tool utilized in the production sector. [1] [2] Fixtures are made use of to securely locate (setting in a certain place or alignment) and also sustain the work, making certain that all parts generated by making use of the fixture will preserve consistency as well as interchangeability. Utilizing a component improves the economic climate of manufacturing by allowing smooth procedure and fast change from part to component, minimizing the demand for skilled labor by simplifying just how work surfaces are placed and also increasing conformity throughout a manufacturing run. [2]

A component varies from a jig because when a component is made use of, the tool should relocate loved one to the work surface; a jig moves the item while the device continues to be stationary.

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Heat Directly Stencil Template Holder BGA Reballing Station with Hexagon Wrench

£13.44 £10.84
Features:    Can be used for the chip size Max.50mm, Min.8mm The reball station is simple to operate, easy to