A Tachometer is an instrument utilized to measure the turning speed of a shaft or disk in your motor. A Tachometer reveals the rate of rotation of the engine’s crankshaft by presenting the transformations per minute from 0 to 10,000 RPM. Deals Tachometer Gauges in a wide variety of dimensions as well as designs including 2″, 2 1/16″, and also 3 3/4″ along with offering change light features or add-ons. Whether you’re seeking an analog or digital tachometer, want to install a tachometer in a hull, in the dashboard or on top of the dashboard, has you covered with the Tach that fits your gas lorry best.

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Red LED Tachometer RPM Speed Meter with Proximity Switch Sensor NPN

£24.08 £21.67
Description : Digital Red LED Tachometer RPM Speed Meter + Proximity Switch Sensor NPN Specification : Power requirement : DC